Responsible Gaming at 1Win

Our customer service policy is based on a strong commitment to Responsible Gaming. 1Win approach issues related to gambling addiction with the utmost seriousness, considering it our direct responsibility to protect players from excessive gambling habits and prevent minors from participating in gambling.

Our main goal is to optimize our service, making it as convenient and functional as possible for a pleasant leisure time. Unfortunately, we recognize that for some players, gambling and betting can be not only a way to spend their free time, but also a harmful addiction.

We wholeheartedly support and adhere to the internationally recognized principles of Responsible Gaming. In addition, we implement comprehensive measures that allow our customers to enjoy a safe and exciting game, while maintaining control over all their actions.

Maintaining control

Participation in betting on our site is primarily intended for entertainment. We try to create all the conditions for our players, providing a pleasant way to spend time, while tracking the results of their favourite teams or players. While enjoying the matches and the thrill of gambling, it is extremely important to maintain a sense of balance. Every betting player should keep in mind the following key points:

  • Gambling is a form of leisure, not a means of generating income.
  • If you lose, you should avoid trying to recoup immediately. You can take a break because there is always an opportunity to succeed in subsequent attempts.
  • Before you start betting, set the amount that you can spend, thereby ensuring responsible financial management.
  • Keep a close eye on both the time spent and the amount of money invested in the game, exercising reasonable control over these aspects of the gameplay.

Prevention of gambling addiction

Although for most people gambling is just an exciting way to spend time, for some players it is a real addiction. However, the latest research shows that only a small part of gamblers face this problem. Nevertheless, our company takes this issue with the utmost seriousness and reminds all users of the following:

  • Gambling is completely random, which means there are no strategies and tips that are guaranteed to lead you to a win.
  • Gambling is an opportunity to have a good time, not a way to get rich quickly or pay off debts.
  • You should constantly monitor your bankroll and not spend more than you can afford.
  • Before starting any game, it is necessary to study all its rules.

Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to define the boundary between the concepts of Healthy gambling and gambling addiction, a number of signs can be identified that may indicate possible problems. We invite you to answer 10 questions. If your answer is yes to at least 5 of them, this may indicate that you already have signs of gambling addiction.

  1. Are you seriously involved in gambling?
  2. Are your betting amounts constantly increasing?
  3. Are you borrowing money to place bets?
  4. Do you often play longer than you planned?
  5. Does visiting a bookmaker negatively affect your reputation?
  6. Are you annoyed or disappointed if you can’t place a bet?
  7. Is gambling a way for you to get away from problems?
  8. Do you need to hide your gambling sessions from your loved ones?
  9. Have you tried to control the amount of bets and the time spent in a gambling establishment, but your attempts were unsuccessful?
  10. Do you share your passion for gambling with your loved ones?

Tips for managing Your Gambling Sessions

While each person have their own methods of gambling responsibly, it would be of help to have a look at some of the most efficient ways to avoid gambling addictions:

  • Determine the game time in advance;
  • Set the maximum amount of loss;
  • Avoid borrowing to place bets;
  • Find a new hobby that can be combined with a game;
  • Don’t play in a bad mood.

Self-exclusion from the game

If you still want to resort to more serious measures and close your account, you can always contact the 1Win Support Service with an appropriate request. You will also be able to determine the period after which you will be able to restore your account. You will also have the option to permanently delete your account. At the same time, please note that in this case, it will be impossible to restore the account.

Additional Help Online

If you need additional support, a number of charities and associations provide help and advice on Responsible Gaming. Please contact us at the addresses you can find on the Internet.