Asia Cup Betting Guide

1win is one of the most popular and biggest gambling websites in Bangladesh. And of course, it offers many different features including betting on Cricket matches. It is not a secret that Cricket is the most popular type of sport in Bangladesh. Here you will find all the most important information that you should know to start betting on one of the biggest Cricket Tournaments which is the ACC Asia Cup. We will discuss all the key features for betting on the Asia Cup and 1win, and that is why if you want to start betting on sports, then here you everything you need!

Introduction to ACC Asia Cup 2024

Introduction to ACC Asia Cup 2024 available for betting on 1win

You can know that Cricket is a very popular sport in Asia in many countries. And that is exactly why this tournament was created. Here many teams from different countries such as Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Qatar, Oman, and others, compete with each other to get the cup! The cup is usually held every two years, and the next ACC Asia Cup live championship must be in 2025, and that is why this year will be skipped. The ACC Asia Cup is also one of the most important sports events in Asia and millions of people like to watch the matches, and of course, place online bets on their favorite teams! 

About Asia Cup

The tournament is usually held in the two most popular Cricket formats which are Twenty20 International and One Day International. The tournament itself started its story in 1984 when the first ACC Asia Cup in ODI format was held in the United Arab Emirates. As was said, is also usually held every two years, but it can also depend on the situation. The last ACC live Asia Cup was held in 2023 and it even took place in two countries – Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Asia Cup Champion List 

One of the most important things about the ACC Asia Cup is that the three strongest teams were winners in all the previous years. The first Asia Cup was won by the Indian team, and in the last tournament which was in 2023, they also became champions. Indian International Cricket team became Asia Cup winners 8 times, and they even had a winning streak of three cups in 1988, 1990, and 1995. The other two teams are Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, the Bangladesh team did not win the Asia Cup, but we will discuss it later.

Asia Cup 2024 Schedule

As was said, the ACC Asia Cup is usually held every two years. And the previous tournament was in 2023, which is why the next one is coming in 2025. The Asia Cup match schedule is not still available, and there is no certain information about this tournament. But the information always updates, and there is an official, Asian Cricket Council website where you can get all the newest information about the ACC Asia Cup. Always check the “News” section and someday you will find the Asia Cup schedule for 2025 there!

Teams & Players to Bet On

Teams and players to bet on in ACC Asia Cup 2024 at 1win

And now let’s get closer to the betting process. It is not a secret that in every match and tournament, there is a strong team, that is more likely to win the match. That is why it is important to do certain research before placing a bet so that you will be able to decide the outcome more carefully. Here you will the information about the strongest teams and players based on previous results and Asia Cup live score. But you should also remember that some players and teams can do unexpected and fascinating things!

Favorites & Contenders

One of the most important things that you should know when betting on sports is what teams are favorites. To understand what the favorites in the tournaments you should look for some results and also experts’ opinions. Statistics is also not the least important thing. When we speak about favorites and best teams in ACC Asia Cup then we can definitely say that India is the strongest team at the moment. Pakistan team, Sri Lank team, and Asia Cup Bangladesh squad are going next one by one. These are four stronger Cricket teams. But when you place bets do not look only at previous results!

Players to Watch

Of course, when we speak about winners in the Asia Cup we usually consider certain teams. But you should also know, that even one player can affect the results of the match. That is why it is also very important to know about the strongest Cricket players and where they play. Also, look for their current conditions. There are some players who were in extremely good conditions during the Asia Cup 2023. Also, watch them in other tournaments. They are Najmal Hossain Shanto from the Bangladesh Asia Cup team, Pakistanian Babar Azam, and Haris Rauf from Pakistan, and Kusal Mendia from Sri Lanka.

Bangladesh Squad & Chances

Bangladesh squad in ACC Asia Cup 2024 and their odds of winning

Another important thing that we should discuss is the Bangladesh International Cricket team. It always participates in ACC Asian Cup, and actually has pretty good results. The Bangladesh team is one of the most interesting participants in the Asian Cup because its position is complicated. But the Bangladesh squad list is still interesting and pretty strong. On top of that, chances are also good, because of certain points. So, let’s discuss the Bangladesh Cricket Team in detail and its Asia Cup highlights!

BD Squad Preview

To begin with, the Bangladesh team has a good history in the ACC Asian Cup. Everything is because in 2012, 2016, and 2018 they were competing in Asia Cup final matches, but in these years the Bangladesh team took 2nd place. In Asia Cup 2023, the team took 3rd place. These marks show that the team actually has pretty good results.

Also, if we speak about team members, then here everything is pretty interesting. We already mentioned, that Najmal Hossain Shanto was actually one of the best players in the previous championship. Other members are also from different popular Bangladesh teams, and the current coach, Chandika Hathurusingha, is also a well-known coach from Sri Lanka who has had good results with the Bangladesh Asia Cup squad 2023.

Expectations & Predictions

First of all, you should know that speaking now about the future of the Asia Cup Bangladesh team it is pretty hard to predict something. But based on the information about previous wins and losses we can tell something. First, of all the position of the Bangladesh team in Asia Cup Cricket 2023 was better than in 2022 when the results were only in the group stage.

So, the event in 2022 was not the pleasant Asia Cup time BD. That is why we can say that there is progress. With a new coach, the team already has better results, and it means that with good and constant training we can expect some positive results in the future. But also you should watch the most important players of the team and their results in local teams. That is how you can make betting on the Asia Cup easier.

Asian Cup Betting Odds & Markets

Odds and markets for betting on ACC Asia Cup 2024 at 1win

One of the most important things in betting is odds. As you know, the 1win company is one of the biggest and the most popular casino and betting companies in Bangladesh. One of the main features of 1win is good odds on sports matches. That is why when you will bet on Asia Cup matches you will usually find pretty good odds. On top of that, the higher the stage of the championship – the higher are odds usually!

Types of Bets Available

Available bet types for ACC Asia Cup 2024 on 1win Bangladesh

As was just said, there are many betting markets, and also the 1win company offers different types of bets that you can place. First of all, if you are new to betting and Cricket, it is not recommended to bet on specific outcomes and markets. In this case, it is recommended to start with the usual bets on the winner. But if you are looking for something more exciting and also want to get higher odds, then special markets are for you.

Match Winner

It is the most popular and usual type of bet on every gambling website, and one 1win here is not an exception. Here you can choose every Asia Cup Cricket match and place a bet on a winner. To do it you will simply need to visit the Cricket section with Asian Cup matches. There you will see two teams that are playing. On the right side, there will be two columns “1” and “2”. The first column meets the first team, and the second column meets the second team. Under them you will find odds, and when you click on them you can place a bet!

Top Batsman/Bowler

It is another type of bet that you can find on 1win. It is pretty usual for Cricket, and also many people place bets on the Top Batsman or a Top Bowler. The key feature here is that such bets have pretty high odds. Because it is hard to predict which player will become the best in these categories.

Man of the Match

Another very popular type of bet in Cricket is the Man of the Match. It is when you place a bet on the player that you believe will become the best player. It is also a type of bet with very high odds. Everything is because the Man of the Match is chosen wisely, and it is hard to predict who will it be. To find this type of bet you will need to click on the match in the Asia Cup standings to see all the available outcomes and look for this one!

Asia Cup Betting Strategies & Tips

Useful tips and strategies for successful betting on ACC Asia Cup 2024 at 1win

And now let’s speak about the betting process itself. Of course, every gambler, especially new ones, is looking for some special strategies that will help to win in betting. But the key feature here is that there is no 100% way to predict the outcome of the Asia Cup match. That is why, the only way to keep your balance safe and increase your chances is to use some tips. For example, you can use some of these!

  • Single bets. You can know, that there are express and combo bets, that contain several outcomes and can give you more money. But if you are new to gambling, it is recommended to avoid such bets because risks are very high.
  • Research. Before placing a bet you should first do research about the match. Check the members of the team, their previous results, and Asia Cup news.
  • Avoid risks. If you are new to betting, then you should avoid betting on outcomes with very high odds. They are very hard to predict.

Team Composition & Form

As was said, before placing a bet it is recommended to research the team and its players. The current squad is one of the main points that must be considered before betting. You should always watch how they play to understand the current conditions of players. On top of that, always look if someone is injured, then the final team for the match can be changed, and it can affect the result. Do not forget to check the points table Asia Cup. That is why it is so important. 

Pitch Conditions

Usually, matches take place in different stadiums and with different conditions. It is also a very important thing in Cricket. And before placing a bet it also must be considered. One of the main points here is also the weather. For example, if today Asia Cup match is held and weather conditions are not very pleasant, then not placing a bet might be the best option. Also, if it is possible, then check how the field is prepared, for example, look for some photos. Because the Cricket pitch is an important part of the game.

Toss Significance

It is not a secret that at the beginning of the match in Cricket, there is a coin toss. After that, the captain who won decides what to do first – to bat, or to bowl. That is why the coin toss before the match is also a very important part. For example, if you want to place a live bet on the team, then you should always consider the result of the toss because the captain usually chooses the best option for him.

How to Place Bets on the Asia Cup at 1win?

Step by step instructions on how to start betting on ACC Asia Cup 2024 on 1win

And now one of the most important questions must also be discussed. And it is of course about the betting process itself. Also, when you place bets on ACC Asia Cup at 1win you will find everything you need. And here you can also check a guide on how to do it correctly!


First of all, go to the official website of the 1win Bangladesh company.


After that log in or create a new account. The registration button is in the upper right section.


The next step will be to deposit some funds for betting. Do it via the payments section.


After that go to the “Sports” section and find Cricket. Choose the ACC Asia Cup fixtures.


Look through the list of available matches and choose the one you like to bet on.


Always check previous results and the Asia Cup points table.


Choose the outcome, add it to the bet slip, and enter the amount of the bet.


Confirm the bet and wait for the results!

1win Betting App on Asia Cup

1win bangladesh mobile app for betting on ACC Asia Cup 2024

You should also know that 1win Bangladesh also offers a free mobile betting application for every customer. It is also available for iOS and Android. Via this application, you will also be able to open the Asia Cup match list and place bets on the ACC Asia Cup if you prefer mobile devices. And here is how to get it!


The first step will be to visit the official 1win site via mobile browser.


After that scroll down to the bottom of the site to find downloading buttons.


The next step is to click on the button according to your platform.


For iOS the app will be installed directly and for Android, you will first download the APK file.


After that click on the APK file and then on the “Install” button.


Wait for a while and enjoy betting on the Asia Cup via mobile phone!

Advantages of Betting at 1win on the Asian Cup

List of advantages of online bookmaker 1win for betting on ACC Asia Cup 2024

As you can see, the 1win website actually offers a pretty good amount of different features and options for online betting on Cricket. There are certain points why you should choose this site to bet on the Asia Cup. Especially, if you are new to gambling and you are looking for a reliable place for betting in Bangladesh. And here are the main advantages!

  • Safety and reliability;
  • Various types of bets and markets;
  • Good and reliable odds on matches;
  • Wide selection of sports and events to bet on;
  • A lot of features and options for convenient gambling.


  • Is it legal to place bets on the ACC Asia Cup in Bangladesh?

    Yes, of course! It is fully legal, but only if you are older than 18 years!

  • How can I check all the available outcomes for betting?

    You should simply click, for example, on the Asia Cup Bangladesh match vs India to see what markets and types of bets are available.

  • Is the live betting feature available for the Asia Cup?

    Yes, you can place live bets on many Cricket events including Asia Cup Cricket live matches.

  • Can I choose the Bengali Language for the website?

    Yes, in the upper right corner, you can switch the language to Bengali!

  • Can I use the mobile version of the website for betting on the Asia Cup?

    The mobile version of the site has the same functionality, so you can place bets via it!