1Win Esports Betting in Bangladesh

Undoubtedly, cybersports is becoming more popular every year and there are more and more tournaments for betting on such disciplines. In this regard, there is a growing interest in esports betting sites from users in Bangladesh and most of them choose 1Win. In this article, we will look at the features and advantages of this platform and will also mention the aspects of betting on cybersports.

Introduction to Esports Betting at 1Win

Introduction to esports betting at 1Win Bangladesh

1Win Esports Betting website in Bangladesh is starting to gain momentum and users are gradually gaining interest in the field of this type of entertainment. Currently, the platform provides all the necessary and modern functionality in this area of betting, including a selection of tournaments, good odds, as well as a rich selection of bets on outcomes. This complements the overall range of the company to some extent and also makes it a good competition for other online esports betting companies in the Bangladesh market. A detailed guide on how to place your first bet at Esports will be detailed in the paragraph below.

How to Bet on Esports at 1Win

Instructions on how to start betting at 1Win Bangladesh

Before you start betting on esports any novice user must necessarily pass the registration stage, as well as deposit money to the account. To bet on esports disciplines a player will need to perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the main page of the 1Win BD platform;
  2. Then select the “Sports” section in the top corner of the page;
  3. In a separate tab in the left-hand list, select one of the available esports disciplines, for example, Counter-Strike 2;
  4. Then select the tournament and in the center line click on the desired match;
  5. After all actions have been completed, select a bet on the outcome from all available bets;
  6. In the small window “Betslip” specify the amount of the bet and also select one of the three available bet types;
  7. Check the relevance of the selected actions and confirm the bet with the “Make bet” button;
  8. Wait for the result of the match, as well as payouts to the account.

Types of Esports Bets at 1Win

Types of Esports betting presented at 1Win

Undoubtedly, the company 1Win provides a variety of betting options on esports disciplines, which allows the user to get only positive emotions from the whole process. At the moment the features of the varieties of bets on the platform 1Win BD can be distinguished as follows:

  • Bet on the winner. It is the most popular variant of betting on esports among players. In general, this type of bet is suitable for inexperienced bettors who bet on such disciplines for the first time or who want to support their idols and watch their skills during the match;
  • Real-time betting. For users who like to analyze events during the match, there is live betting. The peculiarity of this type of bet is the flexible odds, which change every second depending on the situation in the match;
  • Special bets. These bets allow the player to diversify the gameplay and get more positive emotions from it. An example of special bets on the platform can be betting on the number of kills of a player of a certain team during the match and other moments on which the user will be interested to bet or watch.

Esports Betting Markets at 1Win

Esports Betting Markets at 1Win Bangladesh in 2024

1Win provides its users with a diverse cyber sports betting market, which is undoubtedly a positive thing. This is done to satisfy the bettor’s needs and make the whole gameplay more interesting and somewhat varied. The list below will showcase some of the available 1Win cyber sports betting markets:

  • Betting on the winner of the match. A classic type of market where the player bets on the winner of the match;
  • Handicap. A useful type of market that allows the player to benefit when betting on the clear favorite of the match and get more winnings than the classic type of betting on the winner;
  • Betting on rounds or cards. This market allows a player to bet on a specific card, for example in CS2 or Dota 2. The user can also bet on a certain round, where there is a certainty of victory for some of the teams;
  • Special betting. A special type of market where the user can bet for example on first blood, first kill, or on a pistol round, which generally warms up interest in watching the match. 

However, most markets can be quite risky, so the user should study the chosen market to make rational bets and get only positive emotions from this process.

Esports Disciplines at 1Win

Esports disciplines available for betting at 1win online bookmaker's website

The 1Win platform offers a good range of esports disciplines, which in turn provide the user with a wide range of real-time betting opportunities. Any player can bet on the following cyber sports disciplines:

  • Counter-Strike 2;
  • Dota 2;
  • League of Legends;
  • Rainbow Six;
  • Valorant;
  • StarCraft 2;
  • King of Glory, etc.

Betting on the above-listed disciplines can be done either pre-match or in real-time. These are bets on one of the two available teams to win the match, such as betting on individual rounds or cards in a CS2 match. It is also possible to bet on specific moments, such as first blood, even or odd number of kills in Dota 2, and so on.

Understanding Esports Betting Odds

Esports Betting Odds for 1win Bangladesh bookmaker users

Understanding Esports Betting Odds is an important aspect for users who wish to increase their chances of success. When betting pre-match the odds are mostly fixed, but when betting in real time they are flexible and change every second depending on the situation in the match. If the odds are extremely low, it is not desirable to bet recklessly, which may result in the loss of the current account balance in case of a random comeback of the opponent.

At the moment, the company provides its customers with the following odds formats – decimal, fractional, and money line. Based on the available odds formats, the first thing a user should do is to understand how they work to make rational bets on Esports and increase their account balance without any problems.

Esports Betting Tips and Strategies for 1Win

Useful hints and tips to form a successful Esports Betting at 1win

To profit from betting on cyber sports disciplines a player must develop his strategies for himself, which will help him to increase his chances of success. The list below will present the main esports betting free tips or strategies that will surely help a new customer to increase his chances in the field of betting:

  • Researching potential matches. This tip is extremely important for a punter to understand how prepared the teams are for the match and whether a win overall is needed to go further. Also, study the teams’ lineups and understand if they can pull off a potential opponent in a scrimmage. This will help to coolly assess the current situation and make the right bet to win;
  • Keep up to date with the latest news. A player should study the current news in the world of cybersports, which will allow him to understand what substitutions in teams have occurred and what tournaments are planned shortly. To some extent, this allows you to be more knowledgeable in different areas and increases the chance of success in betting;
  • Match your betting style. Every player is unique in his way, and it is advisable to choose a more comfortable betting on cybersports. For example, someone likes to bet on the winner of the match, and someone is more comfortable betting on totals;
  • Control your bankroll. It is advisable to bet about 25-30% of the total bank to minimize the risks and in case of failure, there will be a chance to win back the lost amount.

Promotions and Bonuses for 1Win Esports Betting

Welcome bonus on 1win for Esports betting fans

For new users who commit to 1Win Esports Betting, there is a welcome bonus of 500% up to 90,400 BDT. This benefit is shared on the first four deposits:

  • First deposit bonus of 200%;
  • Second deposit of 150%;
  • Third deposit of 100%;
  • Fourth deposit of 50%.

There is also a promotion that allows you to add +5% of the bet amount from your bonus account after a winning bet on cybersports. With the appearance of major tournaments such as CS2 IEM Katowice 2024, there are various interesting offers for players, where you can also get under certain conditions to receive a bonus balance and bet at your pleasure.

Download the 1Win Esports Betting App

Instructions for downloading 1win mobile app

At the moment, the company does not provide its 1Win Esports Betting App for Android or IOS operating systems. Alternatively, anyone can bet on cybersports using the mobile version of the site, which is an identical copy of the official site. Simple navigation, minimal delay in switching tabs, and availability of services on budget mobile devices, together allow you to bet at your pleasure. The main condition that should be observed by each client is a stable internet connection so that the 1Win server can receive data about the bet made.

Customer Support for Esports Betting at 1Win

1win support service for 1win users from Bangladesh

If the user has problems directly with the platform 1Win has technical staff that works around the clock. The fastest option is live chat, where it takes 2 to 3 minutes to get in touch with a specialist. To contact technical support via email, you can use the following official sources:

Responsible Esports Betting

Responsible Esports Betting on 1win website in 2024

Every user who wishes to bet on 1Win esports discipline should be approached more responsibly. Certain betting principles will allow the customer to bet responsibly:

  • Set limits for yourself. Each player should limit himself in the area of deposits to use only money intended solely for entertainment and not resort to using money intended for personal needs;
  • Analyze matches. To make more rational bets and approach betting more responsibly should study the potential match and understand which team is the favorite and which is the outsider. This will reduce the risk of losing and to some extent increase the chances of success;
  • Develop your strategy. To increase the chances of success in esports betting develop your strategy by studying the available material on the Internet. For example, a player can bet on the number of destroyed barracks in Dota 2 and get more profit with less risk than the classic type of betting on a certain team;
  • Control your emotions. Every player in case of a loss should control his mental state and stop for a certain period to avoid making stupid bets and further losses;
  • Technical support. In case the user notices uncontrollable signs of gambling addiction, it is possible to ask for help from 1WIn technical support, which in turn can advise the player or give the necessary contacts to help in the field of this problem. 


  • Is it possible to create a second account on the 1Win platform for betting on cybersports?

    At the moment, creating a second account is strictly prohibited by the platform’s policy and this prohibition is strictly stated in the bookmaker’s Terms and Conditions. In case of violation, the platform team has the right to block all current accounts without explanation. Therefore, the client should comply with all the established rules and enjoy betting.

  • Does 1Win have a Live Streaming feature for watching a match live?

    Yes, the 1WIn platform has a Live-streaming feature that allows you to access up-to-date match statistics without using any outside sources. This makes it much easier to study a potential match live.

  • Is 1Win’s esports betting platform safe?

    Of course, 1Win is a safe platform and the proof of this is the Curaçao license. All the activities of the company are regulated by a special commission for the fact of fair play.

  • Is there a mobile application for betting on 1Win Esports disciplines?

    At the moment 1Win does not have an app for esports betting, but as an alternative, you can use the mobile version of the site. The version of the site is an identical copy of the official site and is available for comfortable betting from budget devices.

  • Is there support on the 1Win platform?

    Of course, the technical staff on the site works around the clock and is always happy to solve users in a short time. You can contact support using live chat or through the official email address sources that are listed on the 1Win homepage.