1Win Aviatrix: The Future of Crypto Gambling Games  

Not much different from other crash game mechanics of Aviatrix 1Win and today prepared an Aviatrix game review. The Bangladesh casino user needs to follow the trajectory of the airplane, as well as manage to withdraw funds in time. If the airplane explodes, the funds will be deducted and nothing will be won. 

The developers of Aviatrix offer rewards for bets made in this crash game. In addition, each user of 1Win Casino gets an opportunity to design their airplane in NFT format.

Getting Started with Aviatrix 

Register at the 1win online casino site to play Aviatrix

The process of registering an account with 1Win bookmaker in Bangladesh is very simple:

How to Register


Account registration. The 1Win homepage can be accessed in your browser, where you can start registering an account;


Account details. When you go to the registration window, the user must specify the currency, phone number, password, and email. Or it can be done through Google or other social media and proceed with the process;


Specify the promo code. One should still agree with the policy of this company and if there is a promo code, then boldly mention it;


Finalize the registration. After these procedures, you need to click the registration icon and use the functions of the office and Aviatrix cash game.

It is also easy to enter the account, you only need to write an e-mail/phone, and also a password. To find Aviatrix game online, you can go to the casino section and there you can easily find this game. But it is also important to make a deposit, and then it is easy to bet.  

How to Play Aviatrix  

Instructions on how to start playing Aviatrix online at 1win Bangladesh website

The rules and the goal are simple, it is important for everyone to understand how to play Aviatrix:  

  • Place your bets before the airplane takes off;  
  • Watch the Aviatrix fly and possibly win up to 10,000 times your stake; 
  • Make a withdrawal before it explodes. It is easy to do this manually or enable autoplay mode.  

Aviatrix online game offers a great opportunity to control an airplane as an NFT while betting and being rewarded. This game has a beautiful interface, and also the sound effects of Aviatrix are typical of this theme. You can also use the automatic betting feature (customize maximum winnings and losses) and automatic withdrawals.

Unlocking New Aviatrix Planes   

How to get new airplanes in Aviatrix game at 1win

Players who have created a custom aircraft can earn experience points. For every bid of 119 BDT, each customized aircraft will receive 1 experience point. After reaching a higher level, a 1Win user in Bangladesh will be given the option to add a feature in Aviatrix to their airplane, which will add uniqueness. Aviatrix game gives Bangladesh players the opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards and bonuses using their NFT airplanes. And new levels in the online Aviatrix game are unlocked like this:  

  • Lemonade. Level 1 – 5 XP; 
  • Stonehenge. Level 1 – 7 XP;
  • FireJet. Level 1 – 8 XP;
  • FastCucumber. Level 2 – 34 XP;
  • Brownfury. Level 2 – 69 XP;
  • SkyFlier. Level 3 – 414 XP; 
  • Chocofly. Level 4 – 4823 XP;
  • Milky. Level 5 – 14569 XP;
  • InvisibleFly. Level 5 – 62345 XP;
  • BlueMotion. Level 6 – 545100 XP; 
  • RedSun. Level 8 – 13533450 XP; 
  • Cloudlet. Level 8 – 24582349 XP. 

You can make customization in the game Aviatrix, i.e. different hull colors – orange, red, purple, brown, blue, blue, green, lettuce, white, gray, and black. And you can also make different colors of airplane parts – yellow-blue, blue-green, green-blue. It is available in the game for real money.

1Win Aviatrix NFT Rewards 

There are rewards for NFT airplane owners. Players need to bid on an NFT airplane in the last 24 hours. There are 2 phases. During the first stage, the probability of a Bangladesh user winning depends on how many bets they have placed thanks to NFT during the past day. Higher numbers increase the probability of winning. In the second phase, the amount that an airplane will win in the daily tournament depends on the total gaming experience, i.e. the more experienced the airplane is, the bigger the reward. 1Win rewards the top three winners of the tournament with prizes, and the total amount is 118470 BDT.  

And then there are reward tier tables, where every day it shows how much reward and how much experience (XP) has been gained. Leaders in 1Win get rewards around 11847 BDT – 21324 BDT. These players have 5 lvl, 6 lvl or 7 lvl. 

Tracking Your Gameplay

Tracking statistics of bets and winnings at Aviatrix on 1win

Every registered player in 1Win in Bangladesh can watch their stats in the Aviatrix casino game. To do this in this game, all you need to do is to find the “My Bets” function. There the bet amounts, odds, and winnings (with luck) or the user will receive 0 BDT (with loss) will be indicated.    

Tournament leaderboards can also be found at 1Win in the Aviatrix game. The best players for today, for a week, for a month, and for all time are listed there. That is, it shows the name of the player, the amount of XP, and also his level.

1Win Aviatrix Advantages

Benefits of playing Aviatrix at 1win Bangladesh online casino site

Every game has its advantages and disadvantages. Now let’s take a look at the advantages of 1Win Aviatrix: 

  • Higher maximum bets. Compared to some other casinos, it is possible to make the bet amount quite high at 1Win;  
  • Faster withdrawal time. Choosing a convenient withdrawal method in Bangladesh users of this casino can easily and quickly withdraw funds;
  • Exclusive tournaments. There are exclusive tournaments at 1Win, for example, every day you can participate in a tournament and be among the top 3 winners of the tournament to receive a total of 118470 BDT.

Strategies for playing Aviatrix

Strategies to increase your winnings at Aviatrix at 1win casinos

There are different tips, tricks, and strategies in this game and tips. There are such Aviatrix strategies – minimum odds strategy (1,1x-1,4x), double betting strategy (2 bets for 1 round), and high odds strategy (100x and more).  

If we talk about tips, then try to keep track of the competent distribution of your finances and the amount of money to bet, it is not recommended to bet on huge odds. It is also better to play in demo mode for beginners first, and then for real money. 

Download 1Win Aviatrix mobile app 

Instructions for downloading 1win mobile app for Aviatrix games

Every adult user of Bangladesh can on his phone Aviatrix game download. To do this, you need to go to the website of this platform through your smartphone and select the desired system (iOS or Android), which will be available links to download the application, including the Aviatrix APK file.   

If you want to play in 1Win on a smartphone, you will have to download for Aviatrix app, it is so possible:

How to Download 1win Aviatrix App


Go to the 1Win website. Go to the official page of this casino from your device (iOS or Android) in Bangladesh;


Select the desired operating system. You need to choose the app for iOS version or Android version;


App download. Next, you need the application for Aviatrix download (follow the recommendations of the casino and smartphone);


Start using the app. To do this, install the app, create an account, and then make a deposit and play.

Bonuses and promotions 

Welcome bonuses from 1win bangladesh for new users

Bonuses for newcomers to 1Win Bangladesh are an additional incentive for registration and further betting. It is possible to get a welcome bonus of 500% up to 153683 BDT. It is divided into 4 parts (200%,150%,100%, and 50%), with more details on the casino site. 

Demo Mode

Aviatrix game demo version for 1win users

If you want to play without the risk of losing money, then the demo version of the Aviatrix game is ideal. It allows you to bet on virtual money and perform almost the same functions of the game as in Aviatrix real money. That is, the beginner will quickly gain experience and choose his strategy.   

Is Aviatrix Legit in Bangladesh?

1win online casino license and legality in Bangladesh

It is worth noting that all 1Win games are legal in Bangladesh. This is because there is a license Curacao 8048/JAZ2018-040, that is quietly possible to play and not worry about the question – Aviatrix real or fake.  

Support Service

How to contact 1win support regarding Aviatrix game

Support service is important because many questions arise in the course of the game or related to the site, payment, registration, and others. Ways of communication in 1Win in Bangladesh with the support service:

  • Email;  
  • Chat;
  • Hotline.

1Win Aviatrix FAQ

  • What are the strategies for playing 1Win Aviatrix?

    There are several strategies for this game – minimum odds strategy, high odds strategy, and double betting strategy.

  • Is there a welcome bonus for 1Win Aviatrix?

    Yes, there is, a Bangladesh user can get a welcome bonus of 500% up to 153683 BDT by fulfilling the conditions (listed on the site).

  • Can I play 1Win Aviatrix on my cell phone?

    Yes, there is an app for the iOS version or Android version, you just need to download it on the casino site, install it, make a deposit, and play.

  • Is it possible to do customization at 1Win Aviatrix?

    Yes, it is possible after your first deposit and first bet when playing for real money.

  • How do I find 1Win Aviatrix?

    A Bangladesh user needs to go to the 1Win casino site, go to the casino section, and easily find the Aviatrix game there.