KYC & AML Compliance in Bangladesh with 1Win

The Company follows its AML Policy and takes all necessary steps to prevent both international terrorism and money laundering. Simultaneously, the platform upholds a resolute and moral stance regarding the prevention of any illicit activities and all associated laws. If there is reason to believe that the money you deposited into the account is connected to activities that legalize income obtained illegally or finance terrorism, the Company will notify the appropriate official authorities in order to fulfill these obligations. In addition, the bookmaker will be required to restrict such User’s money and take any other actions stipulated by the AML policy guidelines.

Money laundering means:

Concealment or preservation of confidentiality with regard to information regarding the true origin, source, location, placement, movements, ownership rights, or other rights to property obtained through illegal activities (or property received in exchange for such property); conversion, transfer, receipt, possession, or use of property obtained through criminal activity (or property received in exchange for such property) in order to withhold information about the property’s illegal origin or to support individuals involved in criminal activity in order to evade legal repercussions.

Many nations are always battling money laundering and terrorist financing in an effort to stop criminal capital from entering their economies and to stop crime from spreading. In order to support national and international organizations in their global campaign against money laundering and the funding of terrorism, the Company implements internal policies as well as unique programs of measures.

When you register on 1Win website, you agree to the following terms:

  1. You pledge to abide by all applicable laws and rules, including but not restricted to AML’s Policies, on combating money laundering and terrorist funding.
  2. You certify that you are free from knowledge or suspicion regarding the source of the funds used to replenish the account, their potential to be obtained illegally, their connection to the legalization of income obtained illegally, or their involvement in any other illegal activity that is forbidden by applicable law or the directives of any international organization;
  3. Additionally, you commit to provide us access to any information we may need to abide by any applicable laws and rules pertaining to preventing the legalization of money that was gained unlawfully.

The Company gathers and maintains reports on all account transactions in addition to identity papers; 1Win keeps an eye on both transactions made under unusual circumstances and suspicious activity on the user’s account.

If the Company has cause to suspect that an operation has anything to do with money laundering or illegal conduct, it reserves the right to decline the User’s request to complete the operation at any time and without explanation. The relevant government authorities have been notified of the User’s questionable activities, and the platform is not required by international law to tell the User of this.

The platform performs initial and continuous identity checks of its Users in compliance with AML’s internal policy, taking into account the potential risk level connected with each User.

The company will require you to provide the minimum data to verify your identity and will record and store your identity data and documents, as well as information about which methods were used to verify your identity and the results of the checks.

The bookmaker will compare your personal information to the list of individuals suspected of being terrorists, which has been compiled by independent and state-approved organizations. The bare minimum of identifying information consists of:

  • Complete User Name;
  • Date of birth (if applicable);
  • Residential or registration address;
  • Source of funds intended for account deposit on the corporate website.

The following papers may be required from the User by the Company in order to verify and validate the legitimacy of the aforementioned data: a passport or identification card or a document in their place that satisfies the following requirements:

  • Includes the user’s full name;
  • Birthdate;
  • Photo of the holder of the document; 
  • It was issued by national government officials.