1Win Privacy Policy

Introduction to the Privacy Policy

1Win Privacy Policy is applicable to all websites owned and operated by the company.

When referring to “Personal data”, the company means the following identifiable information about individuals from Bangladesh:

  • Name and address;
  • Contact information (cell phone number, email, and so on);
  • Payment information;
  • Support queries;
  • Betting history, and other similar data.

If individuals cannot be identified (if the information has been anonymized), 1Win Privacy Policy does not apply.

Collection of data

1Win collects and processes personal data when Bangladeshi individuals visit its website or use its services. This process can be categorized as follows:

Directly provided informationWhen customers browse or use certain areas of the site, they may be requested to provide personal details directly. For instance, during registration, verification, anti-fraud checks, or when contacting the support team. 
Automatically collected detailsUpon visiting the platform, certain information may be gathered automatically (through use of cookies or other tools). This includes:
IP address;Device type;Operating system;Crash reports;Date and time, and so on.
Such information is valuable for the company as it helps to understand how individuals use the platform, ultimately enabling them to enhance the gambling experience. For example, by analyzing browser information, 1Win can determine the preferred language.
Data obtained from third partiesAdditionally, 1Win may collect personal data about users from other sources – publicly available materials or trusted parties (e.g. payment providers). This allows better personalization and improvement of the available services.

When the company gathers personal information, it guarantees that there is a legitimate basis for processing it in accordance with applicable data protection laws. The following are the legal grounds for processing:

  • Performance of a contract:

Personal data may be processed if it is necessary for the performance of a contract. For instance, when individuals register on the website, they enter into agreement with 1Win, and processing personal information becomes essential. 

  • Legal obligation:

1Win is subject to different laws and regulations (related to money laundering, responsible gaming, and so on) that impose specific obligations. To comply with them, processing of data may be necessary.

  • Legitimate interests:

Personal information may be processed when the company or affiliated parties have a legitimate business or commercial reason to do so. In such cases, 1Win ensures that the processing is balanced and respects the users’ rights.

  • Consent:

In certain cases, 1Win may process data based on the consent. This applies, for example, when processing is required by direct marketing purposes. The consent is obtained in a clear and specific manner, and users have the option to withdraw it at any time.

1Win adheres to these legal bases to ensure that processing of personal information is conducted lawfully.

Utilization of personal data

There are a number of purposes why 1Win uses collected data. They include the following:

  • Operating websites and delivering services:

Personal data is processed to ensure the proper functioning of the website. 

  • Verifying eligibility and setting up accounts:

1Win may verify age, location, identity, and so on to determine the user’s eligibility and operate their account.

  • Complying legal obligations:

This includes compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and the conditions of the company’s gambling licence. The company aims to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities.

  • Providing support:

Processing of data is essential to provide support and address technical, financial, and other issues.

  • Enhancing user experience and optimizing services:

Processed information enables the company to optimize user experience, provide more tools, develop new features, and conduct technical analysis.

  • Protecting against crime:

This includes mitigating security risks, detecting and preventing fraudulent or malicious activities, and promoting fair usage of the platform’s services.

  • Analyzing and sharing data:

1Win prepares statistics and produces aggregated and anonymized analytics and reports. These insights may be used internally or shared publicly or with third parties.

  • Facilitating financial transactions:

Personal data is used to facilitate, manage, and confirm financial transactions. This involves assessing fraud risks and verifying credentials.

  • Promoting responsible gaming and managing risks:

1Win processes personal information to assess gambling activity for responsible gaming purposes and monitor betting activity.

  • Managing communications:

This includes operational communications regarding changes to the website, information about new features, promotions and offers, security updates, assistance. Data is also processed for marketing communications.

Sharing of personal data

In some cases, it may be necessary to share the information collected with third parties. 1Win may do it to the following entities:

  • Other companies within a group (for administrative purposes);
  • Third-party service vendors and partners who contribute to 1Win’s service offerings;
  • Law enforcement bodies (for the purposes of legislation compliance);
  • Affiliates;
  • Other individuals (with user’s consent).

International Data Transfers

In the course of processing and sharing data, it may be necessary to transfer and process it in countries that are different from Bangladesh, where different data protection laws apply. However, in such cases 1Win takes necessary measures to ensure that users’ information remains safeguarded.

Security and safety

1Win is committed to safeguarding individuals’ personal information and has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures, including:

Encryption of dataAll data transferred between clients and the company is ciphered using standard TLS, which ensures the security of information. All processes including transferring information between servers, backup and replication is carried out in an encrypted manner as well.All important communication between the user and the platform is encrypted using SSL technology (256-bit key). This ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and protected during transmission.
Access limitationsAccess to personal information is strictly limited to employees, vendors, and agents who require it for processing purposes. 1Win maintains strict protocols to ensure that only authorized individuals can engage with data.
Protection of networkThe company is protected with a number of security controls (firewalls, segregation of network, intrusion protection systems, and so on). Collaborating with industry-leading partners allows to leverage expertise and global threat intelligence to enhance system protection.
Secure data centres1Win servers are deployed on enterprise-class hosting sites with reliable physical safety management. These measures include constant surveillance, regular audits, and other controls. Geographically separated data replicas are maintained to minimize the risk of data loss or service disruptions.
Monitoring1Win system is being constantly monitored by a dedicated security team. The platform ensures ongoing protection of users’ data by proactively identifying and managing potential threats.

Data Retention

There are different types of data that 1Win handles, some of which users can delete at their own discretion, while others are automatically deleted. In certain cases, the platform retains information for longer periods when necessary. When data is erased, the company makes sure it is erased securely from the servers or stored only in an impersonalized form. Users have the ability to edit personal information or delete data associated with their accounts.

1Win retains personal data in users’ accounts until they are closed, or for an additional period of 5 years to fulfil regulatory and legal obligations and to protect against any potential claims following the closure of an account or last interaction with the platform. There are instances when 1Win is required to retain certain information due to business and legal requirements, or for other reasons, including:

  • Fraud prevention and security

To protect users and the platform from abuse, unlawful activities, and restricted access.

  • Compliance and financial regulations

To abide by tax law, and other financial regulations. This involves carrying out necessary accounting procedures and facilitating dispute resolution. These efforts particularly apply to financial transactions such as deposits and withdrawals.

  • Legal obligations and enforcement

To comply with legal processes, regulations and legislation of Bangladesh. This includes conducting investigations to address potential violations and enforcing agreements.

  • Service continuity

To ensure the uninterrupted provision of 1Win’s services to its customers.

  • Customer communication

To provide feedback, report bugs, retain relevant information to facilitate communication and address inquiries.

The platform is dedicated to preserving the confidentiality of collected information in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation of Bangladesh.

Rights of users

Users have specific rights concerning their personal data, which include:

  • To be informed about personal data 1Win holds;
  • To request the platform to correct false information and provide accurate details;
  • To access collected information about themselves and request a copy of it;
  • To object the processing based on legitimate reasons;
  • To ask to delete gathered information in certain circumstances;
  • To request a restriction of processing;
  • To withdraw consent for processing at any time;
  • To object to receiving direct marketing materials;
  • To lodge a complaint with data protection bodies of Bangladesh.

Users can exercise their rights by adjusting account settings or by contacting customer support via email ([email protected]). Identity verification may be required.

Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is required to collect information about the usage of the platform. This includes:

  • Frequency of visits;
  • IP address;
  • Accessed pages;
  • Previously visited websites, and so on.

The information obtained through this tool is not merged with the user’s personal data. It places a permanent cookie file on the browser for future identification purposes. This file can only be accessed by Google. 

The use and sharing of information collected by Google Analytics are governed by their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 1Win customers have an option to disable cookies in their browser settings to prevent Google from recognizing them on subsequent basis. Additionally, opting out of Google Analytics can be done by adjusting the preferences in the web browser.